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RaYcorn English College

RaYcorn English College is a traditional English language school with a big difference. All our lessons are video conferenced between the teacher and students. Furthermore, interactive whiteboards are used in all lessons which are archived and maintained online. This means that past lessons, homework, projects and an array of activities (such as vocabulary practice activities) can be accessed by you, the student, 24/7.

The RaYcorn English College model was developed to take advantage of the growing use of Internet based technologies. Lessons contain a rich selection of multimedia including short films and documentaries, pictures, audio files, interactive flash videos and more. As such, it is a highly advanced pedagogical model which greatly improves the student's learning effectiveness and the teacher's efficiency in delivering high quality lessons for an overall improved learning experience. 

RaYcorn English College's students and teachers are located all over the world. We offer group, individual and private group courses at all levels (beginner (A1) to proficiency (C2)). 

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